Dreamlight Ease Lite Sleep Mask

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Ensure total darkness to help you rest properly wherever you might be with this super lightweight sleep mask.

  • Total blackout/light-blocking
  • Unique 3D formable design
  • Smooth, breathable material

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The Dreamlight Ease Lite Sleep Eye Mask ensures total light block-out due to it’s unique 3D formable design. While keeping the light out, be ensured that you are keeping your makeup safe too as the 3D contoured design avoids direct contact with your eyes. It is a comfortable lightweight way to sleep on long flights, after shift work, when taking a nap during the day or simply each night when sleeping.

Product Features

  • Total blackout/light-blocking
    Enjoy a pure darkness sleep environment even under sunlight. Darkness is essential to rest. The absence of light sends a signal to the body that it is time to rest.
  • Unique 3D formable design
    Pinch the eye mask at the bridge of the nose to ensure 100% light blockage.
  • Smooth, breathable material
  • Make-Up Friendly
    3D contoured design avoids direct contact with the eyes.
  • Compact, lightweight & portable
  • Hand Washable

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