If you’re a new sleep deprived parent – this article is for you.

Research shows new parents get 4.5 hours of sleep per night in the first 12 months. 4.5 hours….!!! As you probably know, this compromises mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Evidence indicates a chronic lack of sleep – insomnia – escalates the risk of an anxiety disorder by 17 times. Similarly, you are 10 times more likely to have depression.

Needless to say, having tricks and tips to sleep better is key – but as a new parent, how is that even possible?!

As a sleep expert with over 9 years of academics, I’m happy to share with you one key thing that makes it viable: supporting self settling.

Consider: when bub sleeps more consistently, so do you. And while this may seem idyllic and unattainable, there are science based strategies to help you on your quest – and the best one I can advise is to play a recording of your unique heartbeat.

Studies show it can can help babies fall asleep 26% faster, take a 43% longer nap and sleep for 49% longer. Consider: if bub is sleeping 49% longer – each night – this would have a major impact on your own sleep quality – right?!


A tool I can recommend here for this is Welcare’s Sleep-Tight Sleep Sound Machine  – it plays a recording of your unique heartbeat.

In addition to that, I also recommend the device because it plays lullaby’s: shown in clinical trials to aid calmness, so it feeds into the self settling cycle.

Remember – the easier bub sleeps, the easier you sleep.

Win for all.