Bedwetting – also known as nocturnal enuresis – is a key challenge facing families around Australia: 1/5 of 5 year olds still wet the bed, according to research.

Thwarting plans for school camps and sleep overs, if your little one is still experiencing this – this article is for you. As a sleep expert with over 9 years of academics, on behalf of Welcare, I’m going to bring you my top reasons your child is still wetting the bed.

First – so you know that it’s completely reasonable;

Second – so you have an idea of how to remedy it;

Third – to be completely honest, I personally wet the bed well into my primary school years – so I know how it feels.

Reason 1: Genetics

Somewhat difficult to manage, but it does explain a lot.

If both mum and dad wet the bed, there’s a 70% greater likelihood that the child will too – as noted in academic research.

Reason 2: Gender

Evidence shows males are more likely to wet the bed – they make up 60% of incidences.

Reason 3: Age

Before the age of 5, physicians consider it completely normal for kids to wet the bed.

As their brains and muscles are still developing, understanding the signals that they need to urinate – prior to actually urinating – takes time to establish.

And while this is usually ok during the day, having this same awareness during sleep requires extra learning – hence why your child may be fine during the day yet struggle in the evening.

Reason 4: Sleeping deeply

While this is something we as adults yearn for, with respect to wetting the bed, it’s actually not in your child’s favour – it means they are less reactive to the signals given by their bladder to awaken and use the bathroom.

And what to do?

As you can see, many of these factors are unable to be modified – so having support along the journey is key.

A tool I can recommend is the Welcare Stay-Dry Bedwetting Alarm – it discreetly clips to the underwear, is threaded through the pyjamas and wraps comfortably over the upper arm.

As soon as there is the slightest moisture in their underwear, they are woken via an alarm or a vibration. Over time, this trains their nervous system to wake before they wet the bed. And from someone who personally experienced this growing up, I know – this tool will be a saviour for the whole family.