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WPA300 Air Purifier in Home

Welcare PureAir
Air Purifier Range

The Welcare PureAir range of Air Purifiers harnesses the latest in HEPA (H13) Filtration, UV-C Light and photocatalyst technology to provide clean, pure air.

Perfect for those who have pets, suffer from allergies, bushfire or pollution prone areas, or simply whoever is looking to achieve a clean and healthy home or office environment.
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Welcare Sleep-Tight
Sleep Sound Machine

Records and Plays Mother’s Own Heartbeat – to provide a soothing familiar sound to create a comforting and consistent sound environment for a child to sleep.

Welcare Stay-Dry Children’s Upper Arm Bedwetting Alarm

Bedwetting (or Nocturnal Enuresis) is common in children. Alarm Treatment is a common and effective method of training children out of bedwetting.

The Welcare Stay-Dry Bedwetting Alarm can be worn on either of the child’s arms. The alarm has two sensors which discreetly loop through the sleeve of the pyjamas, through to the underwear in order to detect any droplets of urine.

Welcare Spacer

The Welcare Spacer incorporates an anti-static design to help reduce the amount of residual medication remaining in the mouth, throat and stomach when used with an MDI (puffer), allowing for optimal delivery of medication into the lungs.

The unique Tornado technology spiral structure of the Welcare Spacer base can form inhaled gas into the shape of a tornado, so that the medication can be better concentrated into the lungs, providing a more effective therapeutic result.

Welcare Thermometers

The Welcare Thermometer Range is designed to give fast and accurate temperature readings. For ear, oral, rectal and underarm temperature measurement as well as object temperature readings.

About Us

Welcare strives to provide Australia and New Zealand with premium quality healthcare products to help babies, children and adults sleep better, breathe better, feel better and monitor their health. Our range includes the Welcare PureAir Air Purifiers, Welcare Stay-Dry Bedwetting Alarm, Welcare Sleep-Tight Sleep Sound Machine, Welcare Spacer and Welcare Digital Thermometers.



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